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800wordsmod in 800_words

The Big Reveal...

Fellow fans, may we present...


Ten Years (MWPP), PG-13
Author: kuro_nyoko
Summary: The Marauders talk of their future the night before they leave for their last Christmas holiday at Hogwarts.

The First Mistake (James, Severus), PG-13
Author: westernredcedar
Summary: James Potter saved Severus Snape from a werewolf. Really. He did.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (Lily Evans), PG-13
Author: magnetic_pole
Summary: This is no way to start a family, with a lie.

The Werewolf Who Was a Ghost (Remus/Sirius), PG
Author: rose71
Summary: What did Remus really do for a living during the First War?

In Between the Lightning Flashes (Remus/Peter), PG
Author: innerslytherin
Summary: When the Marauders have Order missions, Peter keeps vigil. One night, Remus joins him.

Bachelor Auction (James/Sirius), R
Author: snegurochka_lee
Summary: "Come on, Padfoot, don't cause a scandal. I promised Lily's mum my lads would behave."

Woman's Work (Lily, Edgar Bones), PG
Author: elsane
Summary: Lily's first day at work doesn't go quite as she expected.

Silver Bells and Cockle Shells (Remus, Sirius, Lily, James), PG
Author: minnow_53
Summary: Remus has doubts at Lily and James’s wedding.

Arresting Behaviour (James, Sirius), PG-13
Author: crooked
Summary: They've got to spend their first summer as "adults" doing something, haven't they?

Birth Announcement (Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, Peter), G
Author: cho_malfoy
Summary: The Marauders react to Lily's delicate condition.

The Years Before You Came (ensemble cast), PG
Author: minnow_53
Summary: An account of what happened before Harry Potter.

Good Example (James, Sirius), Adult
Author: florahart
Summary: James has something to tell Sirius.

The Precipice (James, Lily, Harry, Sirius, Other), G
Author: joanwilder
Summary: You wish that some things could've stayed the same.

We had thirteen fics from twelve authors dealing with all kinds of themes, including friendship, romance, marriage, gender politics, sex, and families. All the members of the Mauraders generation got a chance to shine--including Peter! Romance, humor, angst, we wrote it all.

We also had more than a hundred comments from readers--we love you, readers!--and about forty guesses at authors. And the most intrepid fic detectives among you? (As of midnight last night?)

* In a turn of brilliance that's actually a bit intimidating, participant elsane managed to deduce the author of no fewer than nine--yes, we said nine--of the ficlets. Congratulations, Elsane! The perceptive readers secretsolitaire and mindabbles both correctly guessed three authors each.

* The most recognizable authors? snegurochka_lee, whose ficlet "Bachelor Auction" was identified correctly by no less than five people, and minnow_53, whose ficlet "The Years Before You Came" was identified by four.

* The least recognizable author? magnetic_pole, whose "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" was the only fic that went completely unidentified. (Although she was flattered to find you thought she wrote several other wonderful ficlets.)


Thanks so much to everyone for playing--reading, commenting, guessing, writing, enjoying the first war again, remembering how much we can say in just a couple hundred words. This has been such a delight, everyone! Finally, magnetic_pole would like to offer special thanks to sambethe, who volunteered to help out and wound up doing all the work. Thanks, K.

Thanks so much, everyone!
sambethe and magnetic_pole


thanks again to you two, sambethe & magnetic_pole, for running this incredibly fun little fest! ♥

and i wish i had thought about guessing who wrote what. i guess i'm still in rs_games mode where the authors can't participate in the polls. :P i kinda had an idea that Lee wrote Bachelor Auction and something about the title made me think Minnow wrote Silver Bells and Cockle Shells. anyway, i'm rambling slightly since i've not slept yet. :3

Edited at 2008-06-11 12:13 pm (UTC)
Go sleep!

And you are more than welcome. I was so pleased to get such a nice crop of stories from this.
something about the title made me think Minnow wrote Silver Bells and Cockle Shells

I know, hm? I remember thinking the same thing.

Thanks so much for playing! This was so much fun! M.
Yay! *wildly excited* Thank you both so much for the challenge! So, so enjoyable, both to do and to read. :)
You're welcome. Thanks for joining in!
*also wildly excited* Thanks so much for no less than two ficlets! It's always so fun to read your fic, Minnow. M.
I only guessed on one of them because I had insider information on it. *hangs head*

In fact, that's the only one I've read because I'm so swamped, but I am looking forward to reading all the rest of them.
You should bookmark them, there a quite a number of little gems here.

*hands you a cup of tea*

Here's hoping you get at least a mini break soon.
I'll definitely be coming back to read them. I can't wait to do it in fact.

I've got to the point where I feel guilty taking a mini-break.
Hang in there, sweetie. LJ will be here forever. M.

Aha! I thought you had inside information on that one!
I'm plodding.

I fail at stealth
Ah, dammit, I only had time to read half of them before the reveal! And even then, one of my guesses was wrong, heh.

And aahahah, I am identifiable only by never failing to bring smut to a gen party. *facepalm*

Thanks for doing this, you two!! It was super fun.

*can now go leave comments*
I am identifiable only by never failing to bring smut to a gen party.


And no, I always love when you bring the porn. Somehow Maggie and I always seem to inspire the gen when we'd really like a mixed bag. Not that I'm knocking it, I like fostering gen.

And you are more than welcome. Thanks for playing with us. :)
Hee! You're so funny, Lee. Everyone loved your smut. Don't fret.

Thanks so much for playing! (And bringing friends to the party.) *smooch* M.
*falls over* No, what, seriously? *is obviously complete nerd*

Thanks everyone for some really wonderful stories, and thanks (again) to you guys for running this -- it was a really great fest!

And, like snegurochka_lee, now I can go leave comments.
Hee! Or just really good at sussing people out.

You are more than welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed. :)
I now know I will never get *anything* past you. *smile*

Weren't there marvelous fics to come out of this? I've had so much fun. Thanks so much for playing along! M.
I wanted to add my heart felt thanks to both the moderators for generating the site and idea and much love for everyone of the authors! You're stupendous! I was rather disappointed on my first read through of JK Rowling's prequel because I had read all of these and sat at my computer stunned at how much you all had to say. And in so few words! That's not to say though that I resent any one of the extra words used for The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.
Thanks so much for reading, and I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed all of the fics! It's so much fun to play with this material--JKR can't stop doing it herself. There's someone on my friendslist who says she "a fan of fandom," and I think that's really true of many of us. Again, thanks for reading! Maggie
Thank you both for doing this - it was great to follow along, and it did produce many marvellous fics.

I feel compelled to confess that I can only really say I guessed two, as I cheated and had beta'd one. :P
Thanks for reading, Min! The diversity of fics here reminded me how much I love fandom. Maggie

Hee! I thought you had. I'd actually intended to discount that one--must have forgotten.
Only now do I realise what I’ve missed here (although [Unknown LJ tag] mentioned the community in a comment I got from her on the same day I left for Poland). I seem to always be too slow to make it to the right place at the right time, but I can still enjoy reading (while I still don’t know what JKR’s prequel is like – and I care less about that than your stories). Thank you for arranging this and congratulations on what it produced!