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800_words's Journal

Eight Hundred Words
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This is a tiny challenge community for folks to post that last First War era fic before we get new "canon" in June.

The challenge: Use 800 words exactly, no more, no less, to tell us a bit about what happened in the years before Harry's birth. Plot, characters, and themes are up to you.

Deadline: Ficlets are due by midnight EDT, Sunday, June 8. They should be e-mailed to 800wordsmods@gmail.com.

Posting and reveal: Stories will be posted by the mods and opened up on the 800_words community on June 9. Authors will be revealed on June 11 to coincide with the reveal of JKR's own prequel.

Interested in participating? Drop a comment to this post. It isn't a binding commitment. We will not be hunting you down if you don't submit a ficlet. We just want to get a head count on how many participants we might expect. All comments will be screened.

We aren't supplying any prompts - plot, characters, and themes are up to you. However, if you want one, tell us so in your comment, along with the name of another favorite fandom (TV or book). It doesn't have to be a fandom in which you are active online, just something you enjoy. And, for our sakes, please try to avoid those that are obscure/relatively unknown.

When your ficlet is complete: Make sure to at least give it a quick re-read and edit. Then e-mail it to the mods at 800wordsmods@gmail.com. Please include the following headers with your ficlet:

Warnings: (if applicable)
Notes: (if any)

Other Notes: Enjoy! This is meant to be laid back and fun. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here.